At Highest Cash Offer, developing a strong relationship with each and every client is integral to our success. Our number one goal is to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Here are a few examples of what real clients had to say about their experiences with Highest Cash Offer.

This is really a lifesaver. We had a second property we rented out. It was used and abused. We could fix it up and try to either sell or rent but by this point we were fed up with our foray into property. We were glad to do a blazing fast sale with Highest Cash Offer and be done with all this. Thank you!

Christopher Brown Brooklyn, NY

Divorce is hard enough; splitting property makes it worse. Also, having to make some tough choices about what was worth investment and what should simply be let go ASAP was tough but we worked it out. I really wanted a fresh start and would need some money to do that. We agreed that selling fast was a priority. With Highest Cash Offer, we were able to sell immediately. Once we covered the debts associated with the property, I had a little left to help me start over. I appreciate that something like this exists for people in my situation.

Stewart Hurst New York, NY

You should keep many tools in your back pocket and HCO is one of them.Every one of my properties can’t do much on the market. When that is happening, I cut my losses and go with Highest Cash Offer. I have done it twice now and love it!

Terrance Robinson Los Banos, CA


  • No commissions or fees
  • You don’t pay for any repairs
  • We will take over any tenants you may have
  • No listing, no brokers showing your home

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